Dear Discouraged Worship Leader:

That thought of discouragement you had this last Sunday morning after walking off stage…

I have SO been there. :-)

Turn THAT worry/discouragement into prayers. ((Phillipians 4:6-7))

Take a deep breath. Focus your eyes heavenward and walk with the boldness, knowledge and conviction in what YOU do, week in and week out – matters to God.
Even if you thought it was terrible…it doesn’t matter. Jesus applauds you from Heaven as you spend large amounts of time setting up for the Sunday morning worship set, just so He can meet with His children, even when its at the expense of hurting your ego.

On behalf of myself and the passion that has brought me to this point, being a worship leader myself:

THANK YOU for your faithfulness, commitment, passion, conviction, sweat, tears, infectious joy, dedication and your love for bringing people closer to Jesus.
I am a worship leader today because of people like you. I love Jesus so much more because of people like YOU, who dedicate their lives to leading people towards God and your love for the House of God. CHURCH! Keep worshipping! Keep praying! Keep helping! Keep Serving!

Keep Going!

Refresh our hearts God! Refresh our vision! Renew our mind, heart and spirit, as we get up to lead another weekend! Hear our songs and may they bless Your heart alone. We do this all for You!


Now go and LEAD BABY LEAD! :-)

-KK Brink

One Response

  1. Ryan

    Refreshing as uplifting. THANK YOU! God speaking through you.

    March 10, 2012 at 6:16 AM

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